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"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, it doesn't go away"
- Philip K. Dick


We were born into a collective illusion of death, a false perception which - among its many terms and forms - Hindus define as maya, Christians consider Satan, and the legal society calls YOUR NAME.

These inversions of reality are so meticulously and thoroughly done that most people never even notice that what they view as "real" is actually nothing of the sort, but instead is a backwards projection, a trick of the (third) eye, where evol is mistaken for Love and lie is mis-understood as Life.


Through words, contracts, laws, foods, relationships, and traumas, you have agreed unknowingly to be dead.

But death is not real. It is not who you are, only a disguise, a contract that you might choose to wear.


So, then, who are you, and how do you choose to instead be alive?

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