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About Me

I was born into a family of archons, to "people of the lie," which led to many decades of delusions, traumas, and tragedies, culminating in the death of my only child followed by the destruction of my body in a near-fatal collision.


In the years and siftings that followed my shattered mother heart, shattered yogi spine, and shattered identities and illusions, a Knowing, a Gnosis, awoke within me. 

In those empty spaces I began to see clearly for the first time who I really am, where I really am, and what is really happening within me and within others. I began to learn the rules of this realm and how to remain sovereign both now and after physical death.

By reclaiming my energy from the demiurge, demons, the personality disordered, and death, I removed the siphons and archons which had kept me fooled in an illusory matrix. And I desire to help others do the same, if they so choose.


I use my journeys through life, death, and [universal] law, blended with my past work in Reiki, Theta Healing, Akashic Records, psychic protection, spirit/entity removal, ritual, yoga, meditation, and activism, to guide you to, remind you of, the entrance back into Reality, out of reincarnation, and in alignment with Life.

While such great work is not easy, it is certainly grace-lit. I believe each of us is given a key to Home, and I found my key, smuggled in the form of a priceless gift: my son, who was my portal into Life and Love, and whose own sudden exit opened within me a sacred door to exit falsehood and the illusion of death, too.

My wish is to inspire you to find your own key, your own door, so you may return Home to Love and Life, to what is Real and what is True, and that you might remember who you are, in this realm and beyond.



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