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Ava Verity is a private website for those of mankind only [no titles] to share knowledge; the website is hosted by Ava Verity; all activities through or within the website occur within the private domain only; your visit confirms your acceptance to this agreement:

  • you agree that you enter into this agreement of your own own free will; you choose to establish this agreement between yourself and Ava Verity;

  • you agree to be responsible for you own actions and for the consequences of how you apply any of the knowledge you gain here;

  • you agree and attest that your actions on this and any subsequent visit to this website or to any event or place provided within the website (including electronic communications) are by you in your own right and private capacity as a man/woman [no titles], and not as an agent or representative for any governmental or non-governmental agency or organization whose purpose is to enforce a legal code, act or statute where no man or woman has been harmed, or to carry out any mission of entrapment or investigation; you understand that this will be considered to be trespass by way of barratry and that you will become immediately liable to pay compensation under this agreement, in the amount of $100,000 plus all remedies as may be reasonable under the circumstances;

  • you agree and understand that any claims of wrong and or trespass under this agreement shall be governed by law and may be pressed in a court of law by and between those of mankind only;

  • you agree not to share, copy, reproduce, or sell any of the property offered here, without first obtaining the explicit written consent of the man and or woman who did create it;

  • you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the laws of the website and any events or project offered by Ava Verity which may take place in any physical or virtual location;

    • The website and knowledge offered herein is provided by Ava Verity on an “as is” basis;

    • The knowledge offered through this website or any outlet of the project is property of Ava Verity and or of those of mankind who do otherwise create it, and claim said creation as property of the one who did create it;

    • All who use the knowledge offered through this project or any other outlet of the project do so as a man or woman only [no titles], and do take full responsibility for said use;

    • You understand that I as mankind can speak to you as a woman only;

    • All who donate and or compensate for time and or property through this website or any other outlet of the website, do so as a man or woman in the private;

    • Any information you provide to this site you do so in the private and it will be kept private;

    • You can request a copy of any information that Ava Verity holds about you; You can also request that Ava Verity delete your information;

    • All who attend any online or offline events offered through the website are responsible for their own circumstances and feelings, and for their application of any guidance they may receive while in attendance, and agree not to attempt to make those who may host or any others of mankind who may be in attendance responsible for said circumstances and or feelings, and or for any consequences of such application;

    • You allow this website to place information on the hard drive of your computer in the form of so-called cookies, which you can remove or decline at any time;

    • Ava Verity has the right to change these laws from time to time as she sees fit, and your continued use of the site will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these laws; You will be able to discontinue your use of the site if you do not agree to the changes;

To ask questions in regard to these laws you may email

You agree to and digitally autograph this agreement, without coercion, in exchange for access to the benefits offered by or through the website.

(last updated December 14, 2023)
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