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Verity Cleanse

"The opposite of holding on isn’t letting go. It’s digestion.”

- Unknown

Image by Jan Kopřiva

not ready for the full Verity Cleanse? join the free, weekly cleanse-prep on Thursdays 12pm PST

The Verity Cleanse isn't designed to simply release or clear something. It's intended to support you in a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual digestion process. Its purpose is to strengthen your discernment of knowing what to absorb as nourishment and what to discard as waste, and to enhance your innate ability to do so on all levels.

This cleanse is created to realign you to what you - the Essence of you - knows to be True, in order to allow the process of digesting the spells and illusions of this system, therefore making space for healing, inner-standing, and, should you so chose, exiting.


Unlike most other energy clearing systems, the Verity Cleanse requires your active participation. This is not being done to you or for you. It is being done with you, a consensual process inviting you to take responsibility for your healing, your path, and your self.

The Verity Cleanse uses only your own Essence and energy, accessed through your heart portal, to facilitate in intuitive cleansing and healing. I do not work with any external deities, energies, or ideologies. While I have training in Reiki, Theta Healing, spirit/entity/demon removal, psychic reading and protection, Akashic Records, and many yoga and meditation philosophies and modalities, and may use aspects of what I have learned from each, I do not use them directly.

As an ally in your journey, the cleanliness of my own self is something I take seriously for both of us. I protect my energy and heart portal through veganism, regular physical and energetic cleanses, strong boundaries with anti-life/anti-love/anti-social personality entities and people, and by removing my own illusions through light and shadow work. I am unaltered by mRNA entities and am a woman who is sovereign. I only offer what I know intimately and integrated-ly, through my own experiences of abuse, illness, pain, and loss.


Integrity and consent are my daily practices through actions, not just words, and in aligning myself to them, my frequency invites you to do the same.

Whether or not I'm the right person for you to work with, please choose carefully who you allow into the most valuable parts of yourself. I estimate more than 30% of the seemingly-human population lacks their own Essence due to spirit possessions/Cluster B Personality disorders, and conscious or unconscious dark occult practices, and many of these un-spirited humans have careers in healing and body work in order to siphon energy from their clients.


The Verity Cleanse is only for serious seekers and I only offer a few cleanses per month, each as a gift to those who genuinely burn for lucidity. This Work is not for the casual seeker, and requires effort, time, and dedication in order to reap the full potential of the Verity Cleanse.


In order to receive the Verity Cleanse, I require 1-2 weeks of intensive self-paced, pro-active preparations in the forms of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual homework, and may include several weeks of aftercare (think of it like preparing for an ayahuasca journey, but with less vomiting and travel)

Preparations include 1 week of a strict vegan diet, limited-to-no TV/movies/news/social media, personalized self-care, daily-self inquiry, and a questionnaire to guide you towards inner honesty. Aftercare will be suggested at your appointment based on your specific needs.

The Verity Cleanse appointment lasts for about 2 hours and is done together but remotely.

If afterwards you wish to provide a donation, gift, or trade, I humbly accept such generosity, but it is not required.

Please contact for questions and scheduling.

  • narcissist abuse recovery and co-dependency

  • parasites (physical and energetic)

  • energetic cords, plugs, drains, and implants

  • false, negative, or dark influences (including demons, spirit guides, and ancestors)

  • soul contract revocation

  • veils, spells, and illusions 

  • curses, hexes, psychic attacks, and other forms of black magic

  • propaganda, mind control, and slave programming

  • control matrices (including astrology and numerology)

  • aura and torus wounds and openings

  • physical, energetic, and mental dis-eases

  • chakra recalibration or removal

  • heart portal activation and cleansing

  • pharmaceutical entity removal, including those found in prescriptions, anesthesia, and vaccines


While the Verity Cleanse is designed to assist with a wide variety of issues, custom cleanses and mentorship are are available.

Please contact for more information.

"As you know I had a very intense time following the session. Many beliefs surfaced to be released. A lot of visceral purging as well. I know it was a time of spiritual  growth.  Although  I did the hard work, your reading was the catalyst for major change. I will be forever grateful for that.  I'm now feeling more balanced  and centered; moving forward with comfort and ease .   I'm  also exploring/seeking opportunities to bring more creativity into my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a catalyst that has opened the door to new beginnings in this new chapter of my life."

T.T. - Mexico

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