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Newsletter + Embodyment Practice 1: Averting Soul Contracts With Radical Honesty

Dearest seekers:

I've been planning out a new blog series, carefully and linearly laid out to share about the gnosis - the deep re-alignings and re-memberings - which I have embraced back into my heart through the most hollowing/hallowing of underworld journeys. However, I am realizing that a lack of information, or even a lack of knowledge, is not the real issue in the world today; what's missing is a lack of embodyment.

So ultimately I don't really want to share my Knowing with you; instead I wish to help you remember yours.

But, for context, here is a bit about what has un-slumbered within me.

My inner and outer explorations of the past few years have led me to realize that the ideas of karma and reincarnation and astrology and soul contracts - which I had thoroughly studied through my adventures in yoga, Reiki, the Akashic Records, and other spiritual and New Age pathways - were simply not true.

It's not that they don't exist - for they very much do - it's that they don't exist in the way I had been taught.

I'm not going to dive too deeply into this topic for now, but for those interested in learning about the "soul trap" - the reincarnation trick, the prison of the Demiurge - I recommend starting with the following resources:

(please note that I do not agree with everything in the above list, but each are a fruitful invitation of inquiry)

Or, you can simply do a fearless soul search. That's how I first discovered what is True about our realm, by finding it within myself!

Once you understand where we are and how the systems around us work, what now? Research and knowledge and information are important, but they will not lead you to ultimate liberation.

But, despair not (or not too long, at least!), for there are practices that can.

Even if you don't believe in reincarnation or you're not interested in exiting the birth/death cycle, these practices will still benefit you. There is no harm in learning to open your heart, reclaim your body, clear your mind, and feel your intuition. And the more fully you can become lucid in the dream of this reality, the more fully you can connect with the Truest part of you, the part of you beyond heart, body, mind, intuition, and even beyond this reality.

(I mean, bliss is cool and all, but have you ever experienced your Essence? 10/10 would recommend)

So let's begin this week's embodyment practice, which I call: averting soul contracts through radical honesty.

Also known as: thanks for that offer to entrap me, but no thanks!

In my own journey, I've spent several years revoking soul contracts, disconnecting from narcissists, and refusing to participate in mainstream satanic rituals, and yet dark people and false energies kept trying to insert themselves into my life.


This led to some serious questioning and exploration to find out what was causing such a toroidal opening within me, and what I came to understand is that any time I agree to falsehood it creates a soul contract which allows falsehoods to access me.


This doesn't have to mean agreeing to big nasty lies (though there is plenty of that going on around us too, obviously). This can be something as simple as when we give automatic responses such as "Oh I'm fine" or "No problem, it's okay;" or when someone says something about us or to us which is not True but we don't correct them because it seems insignificant or we want to avoid conflict (insert raised hand here); or when we justify an overt or covert abuse behavior towards ourselves or others because it's considered normal in our culture, or it would be controversial (or even consequential) to speak up about it; or when we say we will (or won't) do something, and then we don't (or do).

(I may have to get rid of my To Do list because it is a perpetually broken contract!)

Basically anytime we choose people pleasing or political correctness or mind-virus programming or aversion or numbness instead of our Knowings, our bodies, our words, or the Truth, we are creating a contract which states that falsehood (in the form of people, entities, ideas, experiences, and more) is okay in our reality. And my goodness will it accept such an invitation!

So for this week's exercise I invite you to practice noticing anytime you lie to yourself or others, in large ways and little ways and everything in between. You don't need to change it, judge it, count it, or stop it; just notice it.

As someone who is quite dedicated to integrity and Truth, I was rather shocked at how many times a day I went on autopilot, or I didn't say quite how I really felt, or didn't correct someone's mistake because it might seem frivolous or rude (or might injure a relationship, yikes), or rationalized a pattern because looking into my own shadow or someone else's seems icky.

In my current understanding, you can't exit this earth-cage after death if you contract - even subtly, accidentally, or unintentionally - to come back into it. So start noticing the quiet contracts you're making every day so that you can have awareness of your blindspots when the ultimate contractual test, known as death, arrives.

And please feel free to share your experience with me! I'd love to know what contracts you're noticing and avoiding.





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