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Inner Altar

Image by Sam Field

Inner Altar: Heart Temple Hygiene

to support the heart space of yourself and the group, the following inner and outer practices are encouraged but not required; feel into what resonates with you


  • Consume only plant-based meals at least 24 hours prior to entering the temple; If you're new to this you might enjoy experimenting with this free recipe e-book or this blog. You can take it deeper with raw foods, intermittent fasting, fruit fasting, juice fasting, or water fasting if it is already part of your practice 

  • Refrain from orgasm for at least 24 hours prior to entering the temple (though I recommend at least 2 weeks); circulate that energy back into yourself

  • Cleanse yourself with a colonic, enema, or Vitamin C flush at least 12 hours before entering the temple

  • Cleanse yourself with a bath or shower at least 12 hours before entering the temple

  • Refrain from violent movies, television shows, books, videos, and games at least 24 hours before entering the temple

  • Refrain from pornography or casual sex least 24 hours before entering the temple

  • Take a 12-24 hour media and social media break before entering the temple

  • Set the mood before entering the temple: create a sacred space with scents, lights, and attire 

  • Set energetic boundaries and protections around your body, room, and building before entering the temple

  • Connect by ethernet instead of wifi when in the temple

  • Turn off all other electronics (presence!) when in the temple

  • Close or minimize all other browser tabs and applications (presence!) when in the temple

  • Taking the rest of the evening off to rest and integrate after leaving the temple

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