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Welcome, dear friends and seekers

I am a woman, Ava, who shares about the laws of inner and outer sovereignty

My journey into law began... in bed. After a near-fatal auto collision I spent over 6 months on bedrest, during which time intuition (and Alec Zeck) led me to The Sovereign's Way course

As I was (quite literally) re-learning how to stand up and walk again, I was also re-learning how to stand up and walk forward as a woman for the first time in my life


Being a woman, knowing my own sovereignty, has been a deep reckoning and on-going journey, something I have quested and questioned through many years of loss and dis-ease, through many years of studies and practices in Reiki, Theta Healing, Akashic Records, entity removal, yoga, meditation, and activism


I have distilled my experiences, my gnosis, into my offerings at Ava Verity and Law For Life, which you can find below (along with some freebies)


And if you're curious about how I use law in real life, I share more in these videos

Wishing you many blessings in your own reckoning

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you can also find more through Ava Verity and Law for Life

Free Resources (For Those Who Wish To Be Free!)

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